les Bonnes Fees (The Good Fairies)

Les Bonnes Fees was born during the preparation for my daughter’s wedding a couple of years ago.  She wanted to have some vintage accessories and décor, and we both wanted to be the ones to make these items.  I had already begun collecting vintage and antique jewelry, lace, collars, veils, and such.  My very first attempt was to create a headpiece for Lori to wear.  It turned out beautifully!

All of the items are handmade by me.  I use at least one thing vintage in each creation – lace, crocheted collars or doilies, old jewelry (I found a 1940’s pearl necklace!), veils, etc.  With few exceptions, I retain the integrity of each vintage item when creating something out of it.  If a piece of jewelry is missing a rhinestone, I consider that “character” and leave it the way it was found.  If lace is discolored I clean it but don’t try to remove the beauty of the color.  Beads, tulle, embroidery, ribbons,  glitter and other new materials are added to complete the accessory.  I like to believe that the women or girls who originally wore the vintage items I use would appreciate what is done to make them wearable again.

The items I’ve created are available at my online shop, lesbonnesfees.storenvy.com or you may contact me directly.  Each time I finish an item I will feature it in a blog post.  If you would like to ask me about the new item, please do so through the Contact feature on my blog site.  Les Bonnes Fees also has a Facebook page where I try to post updates regularly.

Les Bonnes Fees features mainly wedding and prom accessories, but I’ve also added Christmas ornaments and plan to add baby items and other various handmade items soon.  I have thousands of seashells just begging to be made into stuff, and lots of ideas for new additions.  I tend to jump around a lot and always have several projects going at once!

Right now, I am working out of my home.  My dream is to have a place in the country where I can turn an old barn or other building into a shop.  Wish me luck!


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