The Ice Storm

I had a post ready a few days ago about the lovely warm break we were having from the frigid weather. But, waiting to get out and take a photo to go along with it, I didn’t hit the “Post” button. The very next day it started storming, and thunder in winter can only mean one thing … More The Ice Storm

Winter Beauty

As is the case for just about everyone in our country, we’ve been stuck inside due to extremely frigid weather. The two most recent snowfalls refused for over a week now to go anywhere, except to drift from one place to another with each biting gust of wind. Temperatures in the single digits are uncommon for … More Winter Beauty

Mercy And Goodness

For the past two weeks, I’ve not ventured into the garden much.  Somehow I managed to get poison ivy on both my ankles.  There are little vines all over the lower part of our back yard, and I guess at some point I allowed my flip-flop clad feet to walk through them.  Fearing further contact … More Mercy And Goodness