Meet Deb

As far back as I can remember, I have always loved to create.  Even as a very small child, I would draw on anything I could get my hands on.  I colored outside the lines, added to the coloring book drawings, and loved gluing stuff together.  In elementary school, art was my favorite time of the week.  And drawing became a way for me to escape from the shyness that plagued me all through school.  One year, my grandma gave me a small notepad to play with and I used it to draw during free time in school.  The kids in my class saw my drawings and wanted to buy them.  I sold the sketches for a penny each!

Once I realized that I would never be President and my mom said I couldn’t go to Egypt as an archaeologist, I decided that I wanted to have a career that involved creating.  I dreamed of selling my artwork to appreciative patrons, traveling to Europe for inspiration, and being my own boss.  But, since that wasn’t a real job, my parents strongly encouraged me to become an art teacher instead.  I was an Art Ed major for three semesters before I came to the conclusion (strangely enough after substitute teaching for a week) that being a teacher wasn’t for me.  I dropped out of the education program and became an Art major instead.

Well I graduated, but there were no jobs for young women with an Art degree in 1982, so I worked at the local mall, then worked in an office, then back at the mall…you get the idea.  I entered a couple of art competitions and was accepted, but nothing really happened.  I got married, had kids, got really busy, worked full-time for the next twenty years, and lost my motivation for an art career.

As many of you may know, when you leave a talent alone for awhile it begins to disappear.  And when you try to use it again, it takes diligence to wake it up again.  I got frustrated and gave up easily.  Several years would go by, then I would feel a nudge to try again.  More disappointment.  Then two years ago, my daughter asked me to help her plan her wedding.  Little by little, in the midst of making accessories, chalkboard signs, and flower arrangements it came back to me.  As I gradually got my creative groove back, the desire to draw and paint returned as well.  I’m not where I want to be yet, but at least I’m trying.  Some of the results haven’t been too bad.  But, even if I don’t get really great at painting, I’ve got other ways of creating that are just as rewarding to me right now.

Setting up this blog site has been a big step for me, and I really appreciate the time you’re all taking to visit.  As I get the hang of it, I hope my blog will be a fun place to stop and see what’s going on in my little world!  Oh, and for those of you who have your own blogs, please leave me your links so that I can visit yours.

Have a really blessed day!