Mercy And Goodness

For the past two weeks, I’ve not ventured into the garden much.  Somehow I managed to get poison ivy on both my ankles.  There are little vines all over the lower part of our back yard, and I guess at some point I allowed my flip-flop clad feet to walk through them.  Fearing further contact with poison ivy that I can’t see, I decided to just avoid that area.  Thankfully, I planted most of the tomatoes and the cantaloupes near the house, so I’ve been able to at least tend to them.

All this month we’ve had unexpected abundant rainfall, some days so much that the creek behind our neighborhood has run clear up into our back yards.  Basements  have flooded, not ours, although we had some leaks.  The garden has suffered.  While the tomatoes, green beans, and cantaloupes have thrived from the overwhelming rains, the pumpkin and gourd vines have not.  All but three of my gorgeous plants have succumbed to the wet ground, leaving mushy pale yellow cords and mildewed leaves lying about.  I can kiss my hopes of sharing Casper Pumpkins and ornamental gourds with everyone goodbye.  If the rain slows down, I might have a meager turnout, just enough to decorate my porch.  Sigh.

More importantly, my Dear One is finally coming back to me.  After nearly four months of being trapped in a dark place, he is himself again.  God willing, he will return to work next week and life can once again be normal.  I’ve asked myself what that will be.  I know that I don’t ever want to take things for granted.  I need to appreciate each day with him, pay more attention to him, be more aware of him, take better care of him.

Just a few weeks ago, I was nearing the end of my rope.  I didn’t think I could watch him suffer any longer.  Then, little by little, I saw glimpses of the man I remember.  Ever so slowly he got better.  I learned to appreciate the small stuff.  Signs of his shower being used.  Coming home to see the trash bins had been put away.  The emptiness in his eyes gradually being  replaced with sparkle.  His laughter.

I’m overwhelmed by the goodness and love of our Abba Daddy.  To use  the words of Selah,

“I’m undone by the mercy of Jesus
I’m undone by the goodness of the Lord…”




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